Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Family Gracillariidae (Leaf Blotch Miner Moths)


Caloptilia serotinella Cherry Leaf Roller (Ely, 1910)
Marmara basidendroca (Fitzgerald, 1973)
Marmara elotella Apple Barkminer (Busck, 1909)
Marmara fasciella White Pine Barkminer Moth (Chambers, 1875)
Marmara salictella (Clemens, 1863)
Marmara viburnella (Eiseman & Davis, 2017)
Neurobathra strigifinitella (Clemens, 1860)
Parornix geminatella Unspotted Tentiform Leafminer Moth (Packard, 1869)
Parornix peregrinaella (Darlington, 1949)
Parornix sp. Unidentified Parornix Moths
Parornix vicinella (Dietz, 1907)

Subfamily: Lycaeninae (Coppers)

Subfamily: Gracillariinae (Gracilariines leaf-miners)

Acrocercops albinatella (Chambers, 1872)
Acrocercops arbutella (Braun, 1925)
Acrocercops astericola (Frey & Boll, 1873)
Acrocercops n. sp. Leaf Blotch Miner Moth New Species
Acrocercops strigosa (Braun, 1914)
Caloptilia agrifoliella (Opler, 1971)
Caloptilia alnivorella Alder Leafminer Moth (Chambers, 1875)
Caloptilia azaleella Azalea Leafminer (Brants, 1913)
Caloptilia belfragella (Chambers, 1875)
Caloptilia blandella (Clemens, 1864)
Caloptilia cornusella (Ely, 1915)
Caloptilia coroniella (Clemens, 1864)
Caloptilia fraxinella Ash Leaf Cone Roller Moth (Ely, 1915)
Caloptilia glutinella (Ely, 1915)
Caloptilia invariabilis Cherry Leaf-cone Caterpillar Moth (Braun, 1927)
Caloptilia murtfeldtella (Busck, 1904)
Caloptilia negundella Boxelder Leafroller Moth (Chambers, 1876)
Caloptilia ostryaeella (Chambers, 1878)
Caloptilia packardella (Chambers, 1872)
Caloptilia populetorum (Zeller, 1839)
Caloptilia rhoifoliella Sumac Leafblotch Miner (Chambers, 1876)
Caloptilia sassafrasella Sassafras Caloptilia Moth (Chambers, 1876)
Caloptilia stigmatella (Fabricius, 1781)
Caloptilia superbifrontella (Clemens, 1860)
Caloptilia syringella (Fabricius, 1794)
Caloptilia triadicae (Davis, 2013)
Caloptilia umbratella (Braun, 1927)
Caloptilia violacella (Clemens, 1860)
Cameraria aceriella Maple Leafblotch Miner (Clemens, 1859)
Leucospilapteryx venustella [(Clemens), 1860]
Marmara smilacisella (Chambers, 1875)
Micrurapteryx salicifoliella Willow Leafblotch Miner Moth (Chambers, 1872)
Neurostrota gunniella (Busck, 1906)
Parectopa bumeliella (Braun, 1939)
Parectopa plantaginisella (Chambers, 1872)
Parectopa robiniella Locust Digitate Leafminer (Clemens, 1863)
Parornix obliterella (Dietz, 1907)
Parornix preciosella (Dietz, 1907)
Parornix sp. Unidentified Parornix Moths None
Phyllonorycter fitchella (Clemens, 1860)

Subfamily: Lithocolletinae (Lithocollectinid Moths)

Cameraria aesculisella (Chambers, 1871)
Cameraria australisella Chambers, 1878
Cameraria bethunella (Chambers, 1871)
Cameraria caryaefoliella Pecan Leafminer Moth (Clemens, 1859)
Cameraria cincinnatiella Gregarious Oak Leafminer Moth (Chambers, 1871)
Cameraria corylisella (Chambers, 1871)
Cameraria gaultheriella (Walsingham, 1889)
Cameraria guttifinitella (Clemens, 1859)
Cameraria hamadryadella Solitary Oak Leafminer Moth (Clemens, 1859)
Cameraria hamameliella (Busck, 1903)
Cameraria macrocarpella (Frey & Boll, 1878)
Cameraria ostryarella (Chambers, 1871)
Cameraria quercivorella (Chambers, 1879)
Cameraria saccharella (Braun, 1908)
Cameraria ulmella (Chambers, 1871)
Cremastobombycia solidaginis Goldenrod Leaf Miner (Frey & Boll, 1878)
Macrosaccus morrisella (Fitch, 1859)
Phyllonorycter aeriferella (Clemens, 1859)
Phyllonorycter albanotella (Chambers, 1875)
Phyllonorycter apparella Aspen Leaf Blotch Miner Moth (Herrich-Schäffer, 1855)
Phyllonorycter celtifoliella (Chambers, 1871)
Phyllonorycter celtisella (Chambers, 1871)
Phyllonorycter clemensella (Chambers, 1871)
Phyllonorycter hagenii (Frey & Boll, 1873)
Phyllonorycter lucetiella Basswood Miner Moth (Clemens, 1859)
Phyllonorycter lucidicostella Lesser Maple Leaf Blotch Miner Moth (Clemens, 1859)
Phyllonorycter martiella (Braun, 1908)
Phyllonorycter nipigon Balsam Poplar Leaf Blotch Miner (Freeman, 1970)
Phyllonorycter occitanica (Frey & Boll, 1876)
Phyllonorycter propinquinella Cherry Blotch Miner Moth (Braun, 1908)
Phyllonorycter rileyella (Chambers, 1875)
Phyllonorycter robiniella (Clemens, 1859)
Phyllonorycter sp. (Phyllonorycter Rosaceae-feeding species) Fabricius, 1781
Phyllonorycter tiliacella Basswood Round-blotch Miner Moth (Chambers, 1871)

Subfamily: Zeuzerinae (Zeuzerine Moths)

Phyllonorycter mariaeella (Chambers, 1875)

Subfamily: Acentropinae (Acentropine Moths)

Subfamily: Phyllocnistinae (Phyllocnistine Moths)

Phyllocnistis citrella Citrus Leafminer (Stainton, 1856)
Phyllocnistis hyperpersea (Davis and Wagner, 2011)
Phyllocnistis insignis (Frey & Boll, 1876)
Phyllocnistis magnoliella Magnolia Serpentine Leafminer Moth (Forbes, W. T. M., 1923)
Phyllocnistis populiella Aspen Serpentine Leafminer Moth (Chambers, 1875)
Phyllocnistis sp. e.g., (Chambers, 1875)
Phyllocnistis vitegenella American Grape Leaf Miner (Clemens, 1859)
Phyllocnistis vitifoliella (Chambers, 1871)
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