Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Marmara viburnella (Eiseman & Davis, 2017)

Family: Gracillariidae
Wing Span: ~0.6 cm
Life History: Eggs are deposited singly on viburnum leaves in early summer. The larva initially mines the leaf, then proceeds down the petiole and into the stem, where it completes development as a bark miner. In late spring, it cuts out a flap of bark at the end of its mine and spins its cocoon beneath this.
Flight: Adults emerge in late June and early July in Massachusetts.
Caterpillar Hosts: Adults have been reared from arrowwood (Viburnum dentatum); mines have been found on other viburnums including V. lantanoides, V. nudum, and V. rafinesquianum.
Adult Food:
Range: Adult specimens only known from Nantucket, MA; leaf and stem mines have been found from QC to LA, west to IL.
Management Needs:
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