Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Identify a Butterfly, Moth, or Caterpillar

We can help identify your photograph if you know the date and location where it was taken.

  1. Create an account.  Register
  2. Submit the image, date, and location.   Submit a Sighting
  3. Your submission will be reviewed.
  4. You will get an email with the identification.
  5. We will store your submitted data. Your submission will contribute to our species profiles, checklists, and database. You can track all your submissions and create a personal species list.

Do you have a photograph of a caterpillar? If so, please provide us with host plant information, or even consider raising it to the adult stage before submitting photographs. Surprisingly, most of the larval stages of butterflies and moths are simply unknown, and caterpillar photographs are very difficult to identify.

No photograph?

If you do NOT have a photograph or you do not want to create an account and submit your sighting, you can use our website to try to identify the species yourself. Start by browsing image thumbnails in the Image Gallery. Use the filters to narrow your search.

Cannot find your species using the Image Gallery? Try the Identification Tools, where you will find additional identification resources, including web and text resources for butterflies, moths, and caterpillars.