Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Gray Ministreak
Ministrymon azia (Hewitson, 1873)

Family: Lycaenidae
Subfamily: Theclinae
Identification: Tiny; tailed. Wings gray; underside hindwing with narrow postmedian line of orange bordered with white.
Wing Span: 5/8 - 15/16 inch (1.6 - 2.4 cm).
Life History: Females lay eggs on flower buds, which the caterpillars eat.
Flight: March-September in Florida and Texas; throughout the year in most of the tropics.
Caterpillar Hosts: Mimosa malacophylla in lower Rio Grande Valley; Leucaena leucocephala and wild tamarind (Lysiloma bahamensis) in southern Florida.
Adult Food: Seen nectaring at Leucaena leucocephala, Melilotus alba, Cynoglossum amabile, Bidens alba, Turnera ulmifolia, Mimosa pudica, and Acacia species.
Habitat: Subtropical thorn scrub.
Range: Brazil through Central America, Mexico, and the West Indies to South Texas, southern Florida, and the Keys.
Conservation: Not usually required.
NCGR: G4 - Apparently secure globally, though it might be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery.
Management Needs: None reported.
Comments: NULL