Butterflies and Moths of North America

collecting and sharing data about Lepidoptera

Family Cosmopterigidae (Cosmopterigid Moths)


Perimede parilis (Hodges, 1969)

Subfamily: Antequerinae (Antequeriines)

Euclemensia bassettella (Clemens, 1864)

Subfamily: Chrysopeleiinae (Chrysopeleines)

Perimede circitor (Hodges, 1969)
Perimede erransella (Chambers, 1874)
Perimede falcata (Braun, 1919)
Perimede ricina (Hodges, 1962)
Sorhagenia nimbosa Midrib Gall Moth (Braun, 1915)
Stilbosis tesquella (Clemens, 1860)
Stilbosis tesquella Clemens, 1860
Walshia miscecolorella (Chambers, 1875)

Subfamily: Cosmopteriginae (Cosmorpterigines)

Cosmopterix attenuatella (Walker, 1864)
Cosmopterix callichalca (Meyrick, 1922)
Cosmopterix clemensella Stainton, 1860
Cosmopterix damnosa (Hodges, 1962)
Cosmopterix dapifera (Hodges, 1962)
Cosmopterix fernaldella Fernald's Cosmopterix Moth (Walsingham, 1882)
Cosmopterix floridanella (Beutenmüller, 1889)
Cosmopterix gemmiferella (Clemens, 1860)
Cosmopterix lespedezae (Walsingham, 1882)
Cosmopterix molybdina (Hodges, 1962)
Cosmopterix montisella (Chambers, 1875)
Cosmopterix nitens (Walsingham, 1889)
Cosmopterix pulchrimella Chambers, 1875
Cosmopterix scirpicola (Hodges, 1962)
Cosmopterix teligera (Meyrick, 1915)
Eralea albalineella (Chambers, 1878)
Limnaecia phragmitella Shy Cosmet Stainton, 1851
Melanocinclis lineigera (Hodges, 1962)
Phyroderces rileyi Pink Scavenger Caterpillar Moth (Walsingham, 1882)
Pyroderces albistrigella (Möschler, 1890)
Pyroderces badia Florida Pink Scavenger Moth (Hodges, 1962)
Stagmatophora wyattella Wyatt's Stagmatophora Moth (Barnes & Busck, 1920)
Tanygona lignicolorella (Braun, 1923)
Triclonella pergandeella Sweetclover Root Borer Moth (Busck, 1901)
Triclonella xuthocelis (Hodges, 1962)

Subfamily: Gelechiinae (Gelechiines)

Theisoa multifasciella (Chambers 1875)

Pollinator Week was June 20-26, 2022!

Butterflies and moths are accidental pollinators of many flowering plants. While most species do not have special structures to carry pollen, they do brush against pollen and transfer it to other flowers.

Did you know? The Eastern Tailed-Blue (Cupido comyntas) flies close to the ground and uses its short proboscis to probe flowers of wild strawberry, white sweet clover, and other low-lying plants.