Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Family Ypsolophidae (Ypsolophid Moths)


Euceratia securella (Walsingham, 1881)
Ypsolopha frustella (Walsingham, 1881)
Ypsolopha maculatella (Busck, 1906)
Ypsolopha undulatella (Busck, 1906)
Ypsolopha unicipunctella (Busck, 1903)

Subfamily: Ypsolophinae (Ypsolophinid Moths)

Ypsolopha barberella (Busck, 1903)
Ypsolopha canariella Canary Ypsolopha (Walsingham, 1881)
Ypsolopha cervella (Walsingham, 1881)
Ypsolopha delicatella (Busck, 1903)
Ypsolopha dentella (Fabricius, 1775)
Ypsolopha dentiferella (Walsingham, 1881)
Ypsolopha falciferella (Walsingham, 1881)
Ypsolopha rubrella (Dyar, 1902)
Ypsolopha schwarziella (Busck, 1903)