Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Photographs from Montana

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Family Lycaenidae

Lycaena heteronea Blue Copper

Lycaena helloides Purplish Copper

Lycaena nivalis Lilac-bordered Copper

Lycaena mariposa Mariposa Copper

Callophrys sheridanii Sheridan's Green Hairstreak

Callophrys gryneus Juniper Hairstreak

Callophrys spinetorum Thicket Hairstreak

Callophrys augustinus Brown Elfin

Callophrys mossii Moss' Elfin

Callophrys polios Hoary Elfin

Callophrys eryphon Western Pine Elfin

Satyrium titus Coral Hairstreak

Satyrium sylvinus Sylvan Hairstreak

Satyrium saepium Hedgerow Hairstreak