Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Acleris busckana (McDunnough, 1934)

Family: Tortricidae
Subfamily: Tortricinae
Identification: The female forewings are light violet-grey, shaded with deeper purple-grey. There is a small black-brown patch at the base of the wing, shaded with light brown scaling, just beyond this is a smaller dark patch with brownish scaling and a dark scale-tuft. This patch is enclosed in a broad oblique band of the violet-grey ground colour, defined outwardly in the costal half and on the inner margin by a row of blackish dots. The terminal area of the wing is violet-grey with a few scattered black dots. Males have paler forewings, with the basal patch and costal triangle less obvious. The hindwings are very pale smoky, but somewhat darker apically.
Wing Span: 2.0-2.2 cm
Life History:
Flight: March to November
Caterpillar Hosts: White meadowsweet (Spiraea alba)
Adult Food:
Range: Maine, Manitoba, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, Ohio, Ontario, Quebec and West Virginia.
Management Needs: