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Macaria oweni (Swett, 1907)

Family: Geometridae
Subfamily: Ennominae
Identification: Forewing white, heavily speckled with grey; four heavy black blotches along costa. AM and PM lines bold, black, jagged; median line usually broken into several dark spots. The white ground color gives this species a very contrasting look, unlike the drabber, greyer Macaria species whose markings are otherwise similar. Except for small discal dot, hindwing lacks all black markings; ground color and speckling similar to forewing.
Wing Span: 2.3-2.5 cm
Life History:
Flight: June and July
Caterpillar Hosts: larch (Larix spp.)
Adult Food:
Habitat: boreal bogs and fens containing larch
Range: Newfoundland to west-central Alberta, south in the east to northern New England
Management Needs:
Taxonomy Notes: None.