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Black-waved Flannel Moth
Lagoa crispata (Packard, 1864)

Family: Megalopygidae
Identification: Body and wings pale yellowish cream. Forewing costa has several sharp, wavy black lines with variable brownish shading beneath them. Hindwing unmarked.
Wing Span: 2.5-4 cm.
Life History:
Flight: May-October.
Caterpillar Hosts: Alder, apple, birches, blackberry, Myrica species, oaks, poplars, Prunus species, sassafras, willows, and other trees and shrubs.
Adult Food:
Range: New Hampshire to Florida, west to Missouri and Louisiana.
Conservation: Common in most of range.
Management Needs:
Comments: NULL
Alternate Scientific Names:
Megalopyge crispata