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Photographs from Kansas

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Family Sphingidae

Manduca quinquemaculata Five-spotted hawkmoth

Manduca sexta Carolina sphinx

Pachysphinx modesta Modest sphinx

Paonias excaecata Blinded sphinx

Smerinthus jamaicensis Twin-spotted sphinx

Sphinx drupiferarum Wild cherry sphinx

Aellopos titan Titan sphinx

Amphion floridensis Nessus sphinx

Darapsa myron Virginia creeper sphinx

Deidamia inscriptum Lettered sphinx

Enyo lugubris Mournful sphinx

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Erinnyis alope Alope sphinx

Erinnyis ello Ello sphinx

Erinnyis obscura Obscure sphinx

Eumorpha achemon Achemon sphinx

Eumorpha fasciatus Banded sphinx

Eumorpha pandorus Pandorus Sphinx