Butterflies and Moths of North America

collecting and sharing data about Lepidoptera

Family Nepticulidae (Pygmy Moths or Midget Moths)


Stigmella saginella (Clemens, 1861)
Ectoedemia populella Poplar Petiole Gall Moth (Busck, 1907)
Ectoedemia sericopeza (Zeller, 1839)
Ectoedemia similella (Braun, 1917)
Etainia ochrefasciella Hard Maple Budminer Moth (Chambers, 1873)
Fomoria septembrella (Stainton, 1849)
Stigmella apicialbella (Chambers, 1873)
Stigmella caryaefoliella (Clemens, 1861)
Stigmella intermedia (Braun, 1917)
Stigmella macrocarpae (Freeman, 1967)
Stigmella multispicata Rocienė & Stonis, 2014
Stigmella populetorum (Frey & Boll, 1878)
Stigmella quercipulchella (Chambers, 1882)
Stigmella rhoifoliella (Braun, 1912)
Stigmella rosaefoliella (Clemens, 1861)
Stigmella unifasciella (Chambers, 1875)
Trifurcula saccharella (Braun, 1912)
Zimmermannia bosquella (Chambers, 1878)
Zimmermannia mesoloba (Davis, 1978)
Zimmermannia obrutella (Zeller, 1873)

Subfamily: Nepticulinae (Nepticuline Moths)

Acalyptris thoracealbella (Chambers, 1873)
Ectoedemia sp. Unidentified Ectodoemia Moths (Zeller, 1839), (Chambers, 1873), (Braun, 1917)
Nepticula macrocarpae (Freeman, 1967)
Stigmella diffasciae (Braun, 1910)
Stigmella nigriverticella (Chambers, 1875)
Stigmella ostryaefoliella (Clemens, 1861)
Stigmella prunifoliella (Clemens, 1861)
Stigmella resplendensella (Chambers, 1875)
Stigmella rhamnicola (Braun, 1916)
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