Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Family Bucculatricidae (Bucculatricid Moths)


Bucculatrix ainsliella Oak Skeletonizer Moth (Murtfeldt, 1905)
Bucculatrix albertiella Oak-ribbed Skeletonizer (Busck, 1910)
Bucculatrix angustata Frey & Boll, 1876
Bucculatrix canadensisella Birch Skeletonizer Moth (Chambers, 1875)
Bucculatrix copeuta (Meyrick, 1919)
Bucculatrix copeuta (Meyrick, 1919)
Bucculatrix coronatella (Clemens, 1860)
Bucculatrix cuneigera (Meyrick, 1919)
Bucculatrix montana (Braun, 1920)
Bucculatrix packardella (Chambers, 1873)
Bucculatrix pomifoliella (Clemens, 1860)
Bucculatrix quadrigemina (Braun, 1918)
Bucculatrix recognita (Braun, 1963)
Bucculatrix salutatoria (Braun, 1925)
Bucculatrix sp. e.g., Chambers, 1875
Bucculatrix speciosa (Braun, 1963)
Bucculatrix staintonella (Chambers, 1878)
Bucculatrix trifasciella (Clemens, 1866)