Butterflies and Moths of North America

collecting and sharing data about Lepidoptera

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Summer Azure
Celastrina neglecta

Record number: 1170931
Observation date: Jul 17, 2018
Record by: GardenNP
Verified by: Tom Middagh

Pink-bordered Yellow Moth
Phytometra rhodarialis

Record number: 1129167
Observation date: Jul 25, 2017
Record by: Oneallm
Verified by: Mikelchap

Cabbage White
Pieris rapae

Record number: 1017039
Observation date: Sep 22, 2014
Record by: amandadarcy
Verified by: rosslayberry

Giant Swallowtail
Papilio cresphontes

Record number: 1013176
Observation date: Aug 31, 2014
Record by: emilywalsh
Verified by: rosslayberry
Record number: 1013172
Observation date: Sep 06, 2014
Record by: jmdlgjmdlg
Verified by: rosslayberry

Painted Lady
Vanessa cardui

Record number: 1012860
Observation date: Sep 12, 2014
Record by: nicoleposluszny
Verified by: rosslayberry

Zabulon Skipper
Poanes zabulon

Record number: 1012139
Observation date: Sep 06, 2014
Record by: meghanmcdonough
Verified by: rosslayberry

Silver-spotted Skipper
Epargyreus clarus

Record number: 1012124
Observation date: Sep 08, 2014
Record by: gmoneycashmoney
Verified by: rosslayberry

Eastern Comma
Polygonia comma

Record number: 1011920
Observation date: Jun 14, 2014
Record by: abbycronin
Verified by: rosslayberry