Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Jul 31, 2019 ...

Do you have the expertise to review photographs of moths spotted in Missouri or the western US (California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah) ? We could use your help!
Contact us for more information.

Jul 01, 2019 ...

There's good news and bad news at Butterflies and Moths of North America this summer. The good news is that we are getting lots of traffic to the site, and many users are submitting and reviewing sightings. Hooray!

The bad news? We can't use Google's mapping service for free anymore. The site utilizes Google's mapping services quite heavily, both for displaying maps and also for geocoding the locations of submitted sightings. Google used to be freely available, then it switched to a paid service with a small free tier, and now the free tier is simply too small for this project. Unfortunately, with the heavy site usage, use of Google is now expensive. The estimated costs for the month of June were nearly $500, just for the Google mapping services that we use.

This new fee from Google doesn't include any other costs of running the project: hosting, development, security updates, user management, etc. We have very limited funding from advertising, which already did not cover all the associated costs of the project. So, now we are looking at a larger gap between funding and costs.

Update (July 2): We were able to restore service so users can seamlessly submit sightings.

How to help? If you would like to help us defray costs, please consider making a financial contribution via our PayPal link: https://www.paypal.me/BAMONA. Or contact us to request the snail mail address where you can send a check.

Jun 13, 2019 ...

Moths’ vital role as nature’s often unheralded nighttime pollinators will be spotlighted during the 8th Annual National Moth Week, July 20-28.

National Moth Week (NMW) invites moth enthusiasts – a.k.a. “moth-ers” – of all ages and abilities to participate in this worldwide citizen science project that literally shines a light on moths, their beauty, ecological diversity and critical role in the natural world

Free online registration is open to individuals, groups, schools, parks, museums, nature centers and other organizations. Events are posted on the NMW events map. This year’s registration form enables events before and after NMW to be included.

Participants are invited to contribute their moth photos and observations to NMW partner websites such as Butterflies and Moths of North America, as well as the NMW Flickr group.

To learn more about National Moth Week, visit www.nationalmothweek.org, or write to info@nationalmothweek.org.

Thank you for your support!

Jun 10, 2019 ...

Pollinator Week is quickly approaching! Visit https://www.pollinator.org/pollinator-week to learn more about how to get involved.

Jan 25, 2019 ...

Monarch Watch and their partner nurseries are accepting applications for free milkweed seedlings for habitat restoration projects located in the Monarch Milkweed Corridor. This includes most of the eastern half of the United States. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana are not included in the grant at this time. Only certain portions of Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia are included. Learn more at MonarchWatch.

Jan 20, 2019 ...

Pollinator Partnership (P2) seeks to hire motivated and detail-oriented Project Wingspan State Coordinators in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The Project Wingspan State Coordinators will provide programmatic support for Project Wingspan: Landscape Enhancement for Imperiled Pollinators of the Midwest (PW), a collaborative pollinator habitat initiative with numerous partners across an 8 state region. PW is a multi-component project to address the alarming decline in pollinators and the fragmentation of habitat through seed collection, technical training, enhancing and securing long-term habitat. This project is an expansion of the Monarch Wings Across the Eastern Broadleaf Forest project, and part of Pollinator Partnership’s wider Monarch Wings Across America program.

For more information, see the Pollinator Partnership careers page.

Aug 15, 2018 ... We have completed maintenance on the Butterflies and Moths of North America sighting submission form. This maintenance was completed on Thursday, August 16, 2018 at 6:15 ET. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience!

May 02, 2018 ...

The Fund currently has an online application period open for its Fall 2018 Seed A Legacy program. This program offers free pollinator seed mixtures for projects in an 11-state region. Applications are open for private, public and corporate lands that are a minimum of 2.0 acres in size or larger. The Fall 2018 program application period is open until August 31 with an online application process. The Seed A Legacy program offers pollinator seed mixtures where 50% of the project is established to a ‘Monarch Butterfly’ seed mixture and 50% of the project is established to a ‘Honey Bee’ seed mixture. More information about the program can be viewed online at the Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund website.

Apr 30, 2018 ...

Instructor Jason Dombroskie will teach Microlepidoptera: Collection, Preparation, Dissection, Identification, and Natural History this summer at the Eagle Hill Institute.

Description: This lab-intensive course will systematically cover all of the families of the microlepidoptera from Micropterigidae to Mimallonidae in the United States and Canada. The focus will be on identification characters for each family and most of the major subfamilies and tribes through talks rich in photos and examination of specimens. Overall natural history will be covered with special focus on ecologically and economically important species. There will be practical training on collecting methods, pinning techniques, and genitalic dissection along with a discussion of larval rearing techniques.

Download the PDF for more information, or for a full list of seminars offered at the Institute, visit their calendar.