Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Lunar Underwing
Omphaloscelis lunosa (Haworth, [1809])

Family: Noctuidae
Subfamily: Noctuinae
Wing Span: 3.2–3.8 cm
Life History:
Flight: August to October
Caterpillar Hosts: The larva feeds on all parts of various grasses
Adult Food:
Range: Western Europe Eastern USA (MD, VA) observations confirmed by Hugh McGuinness So far, the NA range is thought to be quite restricted, to the vicinity of Reston, VA and Potomac, MD. (2018)
Management Needs:
Comments: According to BugGuide:-This well-known European species has recently been recorded in the eastern USA. (2018) See the Maryland Biodiverity Project website here. Now recognized within the North American fauna, ZooKeys, 788: 249. (2)

Pollinator Week was June 20-26, 2022!

Butterflies and moths are accidental pollinators of many flowering plants. While most species do not have special structures to carry pollen, they do brush against pollen and transfer it to other flowers.

Did you know? The Eastern Tailed-Blue (Cupido comyntas) flies close to the ground and uses its short proboscis to probe flowers of wild strawberry, white sweet clover, and other low-lying plants.