Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Reticulated Fruitworm Moth
Sparganothis reticulatana (Clemens, 1860)

Family: Tortricidae
Subfamily: Tortricinae
Identification: Forewing yellow, covered by netlike pattern of orange lines; AM line dark brown, diagonal, thicker at costa, terminating in triangular blotch at inner margin; PM line begins with blotch at costa, then divides to form Y shape with top pointing toward inner margin; hindwing white with variable yellowish shading along outer margin
Wing Span: 1.5-1.9 cm
Life History:
Flight: July and August in Ontario; Covell (1) gives flight season of June-August.
Caterpillar Hosts: alder, apple, ash, aster, beech, blueberry, cherry, maple, oak, pear
Adult Food:
Range: much of eastern North America
Management Needs:
Comments: NULL