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Pin-striped Slug Moth
Monoleuca semifascia (Walker, 1855)

Family: Limacodidae
Identification: Forewing brown, sometimes reddish brown; only marking a narrow, wavy, silvery white to yellowish line above inner margin. Larvae are peach colored with wavy, bright reddish-orange, black or dark brown vertical striping in three sequences of a four-stripe pattern. The bright reddish-orange stripes are covered with numerous white, stinging hairs.
Wing Span: 1.9-2.7 cm.
Life History: One generation per year in the north, present much of year in Florida. Eggs are laid in clusters of 20 or more and are unusual for the slug moths--they are raised and covered with scales from the abdomen of the female.
Flight: June-August.
Caterpillar Hosts: Oak, Cherry, Pecan, and Persimmon.
Adult Food:
Habitat: Northern barren land and southern dry woodlands.
Range: New York and New Jersey to Florida, west to Texas, north to Kansas and Missouri.
Management Needs:
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