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Elophila gyralis (Hulst, 1886)

Family: Crambidae
Subfamily: Acentropinae
Identification: Female larger than male. Forewing orangish brown to deep grayish brown; lines of male black with white edging. Am. and pm. lines connected at upper and lower 1/3 to form loops from costa and inner margin. Terminal line white. Female usually umarked. Hindwing whitish to gray.
Wing Span: 1.6-3 cm.
Life History:
Caterpillar Hosts: Waterlilies. Larva eats leaves first, later bores into petioles.
Adult Food:
Management Needs:
Comments: The genus was changed from Munroessa to Elophila as per Hugh McGuinness 8/2009. Source: Munroessa was synonymized, along with Synclita, by Goater, Nuss and Speidel in Microlepidoptera of Europe, Vol. 4. Pyraloidea I. 2005.
Alternate Scientific Names:
Munroessa gyralis