Butterflies and Moths of North America

collecting and sharing data about Lepidoptera

Family Nolidae (Tuft Moths)


Motya abseuzalis (Walker, 1859)

Subfamily: Nolinae (Nolines)

Garella nilotica Black-olive Caterpillar Moth (Rogenhofer, 1881)
Meganola fuscula (Grote, 1881)
Meganola georgei (Troubridge, 2020)
Meganola minor Dyar, 1899
Meganola minuscula Confused Meganola (Zeller, 1872)
Meganola phylla (Dyar, 1898)
Meganola spodia Ashy Meganola Franclemont, 1985
Nola cereella (Bosc, [1800])
Nola cilicoides Blurry-patched Nola (Grote, 1873)
Nola clethrae Dyar, 1899
Nola involuta (Dyar, 1898)
Nola lagunculariae (Dyar, 1901)
Nola minna Caonothus Nola Moth (Butler, 1881)
Nola pustulata Sharp-blotched Nola (Walker, 1865)
Nola triquetrana Three-spotted Nola Moth (Fitch, 1856)
Nycteola frigidana Frigid Owlet Moth (Walker, 1863)
Roeselia varia Hübner, [1825]

Subfamily: Chloephorinae (Chloephorine Moths)

Nycteola cinereana (Neumoegen & Dyar, 1893)
Nycteola metaspilella (Walker, 1866)

Subfamily: Risobinae (Risobine Moths)

Baileya acadiana (Brou, 2004)
Baileya australis Small Baileya (Grote, 1881)
Baileya dormitans Sleeping Baileya Moth (Guenée, 1852)
Baileya doubledayi Doubleday's Baileya (Guenée, 1852)
Baileya ellessyoo (Brou, 2004)
Baileya levitans Pale Baileya (J B Smith, 1906)
Baileya ophthalmica Eyed Baileya (Guenée, 1852)

Subfamily: Afridinae (Afridine Moths)

Afrida ydatodes Dyar, 1913
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