Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Family Momphidae (Momphid Moths)


Mompha argentimaculella (Murtfeldt, 1900)
Mompha bottimeri Bottimer's Mompha Moth (Busck, 1940)
Mompha brevivittella (Clemens, 1864)
Mompha circumscriptella (Zeller, 1873)
Mompha definitella (Zeller, 1873)
Mompha eloisella Red-streaked Mompha (Clemens, 1860)
Mompha luciferella (Clemens, 1860)
Mompha murtfeldtella (Chambers, 1875)
Mompha sexstrigella (Braun, 1921)
Mompha solomoni (Wagner, Adamski & Brown, 2004)
Mompha stellella Busck, 1906
Mompha terminella (Westwood, 1851)

Subfamily: Morphinae (Morphos)

Mompha raschkiella (Zeller, 1839)
Mompha rufocristatella (Chambers, 1875)