Butterflies and Moths of North America

collecting and sharing data about Lepidoptera

Family Cossidae (Cossid Moths, Carpenter Moths)

Subfamily: Cossinae (Cossines, carpenter moths)

Acossus centerensis Poplar Carpenterworm Moth (Lintner, 1877)
Acossus populi (Walker, 1856)
Acossus undosus (Lintner, 1878)
Comadia henrici (Grote, 1882)
Miacora perplexa (Neumoegen & Dyar, 1893)
Prionoxystus macmurtrei Little Carpenterworm Moth (Guérin, 1829)
Prionoxystus robiniae Carpenterworm Moth (Peck, 1818)

Subfamily: Cossulinae (Cossuline Moths)

Comadia bertholdi Lupine borer moth (Grote, 1880)
Cossula magnifica Pecan Carpenterworm Moth Strecker 1876

Subfamily: Hypoptinae (Hypoptine Moths)

Comadia manfredi (Neumoegen 1884)
Givira anna Anna Carpenterworm Moth (Dyar, 1898)
Givira arbeloides (Dyar, 1899)
Givira cleopatra (Barnes & McDunnough, 1912)
Givira francesca (Dyar, 1909)
Givira lotta Barnes & McDunnough, 1910
Givira lucretia (Barnes & McDunnough, 1913)
Givira marga Barnes & McDunnough, 1910
Givira mucida (Edwards, 1882)
Givira theodori (Dyar, 1893)
Hypopta palmata (Barnes & McDunnough, 1910)
Inguromorpha basalis Black-lined Carpenterworm Moth (Walker, 1856)
Inguromorpha itzalana (Strecker, 1900)

Subfamily: Zeuzerinae (Zeuzerine Moths)

Aramos ramosa (Schaus, 1892)
Morpheis clenchi (Donahue, 1980)
Zeuzera pyrina Leopard Moth (Linnaeus, 1761)
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