Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Smerinthus ophthalmica (Boisduval, 1855)

Family: Sphingidae
Identification: Very similar to Smerinthus cerisyi, except males of S. ophthalmica have narrower antennal pectinations, smoother FW outer margin, more sharply angled AM, smoother PM, less contrasting paler veins, and a less conspicuous ST. Females cannot be reliably distinguished without DNA sequencing.
Wing Span: 6.8 - 9.4 cm
Life History:
Caterpillar Hosts: Salicaceae including willows (Salix spp.), cottonwoods (Populus spp.), and quaking aspen (P. tremuloides).
Adult Food:
Range: Southern British Columbia and southern Alberta south to near the border with Mexico. It is replaced by S. cerisyi to the east and north, and S. saleceti in the southern-most Rocky Mountains and southern Arizona.
Management Needs:
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