Butterflies and Moths of North America

collecting and sharing data about Lepidoptera

Gray Buckeye
Junonia grisea Austin & J. Emmel, 1998

Family: Nymphalidae
Subfamily: Nymphalinae
Tribe: Junoniini
Wing Span:
Life History:
Caterpillar Hosts:
Adult Food:
Management Needs:
Taxonomy Notes: Formerly Junonia coenia grisea. Lalonde & Marcus (2018), Syst. Entomol. 44(3): 465-489, treated this as a distinct taxon; Lalonde, M.M.L. & Marcus, J.L. 2019. Getting western: biogeographical analysis of morphological variation, mitochondrial haplotypes and nuclear markers reveals cryptic species and hybrid zones in the Junonia butterflies of the American southwest and Mexico.; Cong, Q., Zhang, J., Shen, J.H., Cao, X.L, Brévignon, C. & Grishin, N.V. 2020. Speciation in North American Junonia from a genomic perspective. Systematic Entomology 45(4): 803–837.
Alternate Scientific Names:
Junonia coenia grisea
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