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Swamp Metalmark
Calephelis muticum McAlpine, 1937

Family: Riodinidae
Subfamily: Riodininae
Identification: Male with pointed forewing. Upperside of both sexes bright red-brown; dark median band not evident. Wing fringes lightly checkered.
Wing Span: 15/16 - 1 3/16 inches (2.4 - 3 cm).
Life History: Eggs are laid singly on underside of host plant leaves, which the caterpillars eat. Fourth and fifth stage caterpillars overwinter.
Flight: One flight from June-August in the Great Lakes region, two flights from May-September in the south.
Caterpillar Hosts: Swamp thistle (Cirsium muticum) and roadside thistle (C. altissimum).
Adult Food: Nectar from yellow flowers including black-eyed susans.
Habitat: Bogs, marshes, swamps, wet meadows.
Range: Populations in southern Michigan, southern Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, and northern Arkansas. Isolated populations in central Kentucky and eastern Iowa.
Conservation: Isolated populations should be conserved wherever found.
NCGR: G4 - Apparently secure globally, though it might be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery.
Management Needs: None reported.
Comments: NULL
Alternate Scientific Names:
Calephelis mutica