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Subflexus Straw
Heliothis subflexa (Guenée, 1852)

Family: Noctuidae
Subfamily: Heliothentinae
Identification: Forewing pale green, crossed by 3 lines, each edged with white on the basal side. Postmedial line continues to apex by mergin with diffuse black apical dash. Reniform spot has almost no dark pigment in outline; outer edge nearly straight. Hindwing is white, rarely with sparse grayish outer shading.
Wing Span: 2.7-3.1 cm.
Life History:
Caterpillar Hosts: Common nightshade and ground-cherry.
Adult Food:
NCGR: G5 - Demonstrably secure globally, though it may be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery.
Management Needs:
Comments: NULL