Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Photographs from Kansas

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Digrammia continuata Curve-lined Angle

Digrammia gnophosaria Hollow-spotted Angle

Digrammia ocellinata Faint-spotted Angle

Digrammia triviata

Euchlaena johnsonaria Johnson's Euchlaena

Eugonobapta nivosaria Snowy Geometer

Eumacaria madopata Brown-bordered Geometer

Eusarca confusaria Confused Eusarca

Fernaldella fimetaria

Glenoides texanaria Texas Gray

Iridopsis defectaria Brown-shaded Gray

Iridopsis larvaria Bent-Lined Gray

Isturgia dislocaria Pale-viened Enconista

Lomographa vestaliata White Spring Moth

Lychnosea intermicata

Lycia ypsilon Wooly Gray

Lytrosis unitaria Common Lytrosis

Macaria aemulataria Common Angle

Mellilla xanthometata Orange Wing Moth

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Metanema inatomaria Pale Metanema

Paleacrita vernata Spring Cankerworm Moth

Patalene olyzonaria Juniper Geometer

Prochoerodes lineola Large Maple Spanworm Moth

Protitame virginalis Virgin moth

Psamatodes abydata Dot-lined Angle Moth

Speranza abruptata

Speranza amboflava

Tornos scolopacinaria

Xanthotype sp.

Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria Blackberry Looper Moth

Chlorochlamys phyllinaria

Synchlora aerata Wavy-Lined Emerald

Archirhoe neomexicana

Coryphista meadii Barberry Geometer

Costaconvexa centrostrigaria The Bent-line Carpet

Disclisioprocta stellata Somber Carpet

Eupithecia miserulata

Orthonama obstipata The Gem

Haematopis grataria Chickweed Geometer

Idaea demissaria Red-Bordered Wave

Idaea gemmata

Idaea obfusaria Rippled Wave

Lobocleta ossularia Drab Brown Wave

Lobocleta plemyraria Straight-lined Wave

Scopula inductata Soft-lined Wave

Scopula limboundata Large Lace-border

Timandra amaturaria Cross-lined Waved