Family Saturniidae

Subfamily: Hemileucinae (Buck and Io Moths)

Automeris cecrops Cecrops eyed silkmoth
Automeris io Io moth
Automeris iris Iris eyed silkmoth
Automeris louisiana Louisiana eyed silkmoth
Automeris patagoniensis Patagonia eyed silkmoth
Automeris randa Randa's eyed silkmoth
Automeris zephyria Zephyr eyed silkmoth
Coloradia doris Doris' pinemoth
Coloradia luski Lusk's pinemoth
Coloradia pandora Pandora pinemoth
Coloradia velda Velda pinemoth
Hemileuca burnsi Burns' buckmoth
Hemileuca chinatiensis Chinati sheepmoth
Hemileuca eglanterina Western sheepmoth
Hemileuca electra Electra buckmoth
Hemileuca griffini Griffin's sheepmoth
Hemileuca grotei Grote's buckmoth
Hemileuca hera Hera buckmoth
Hemileuca hualapai Hualapai buckmoth
Hemileuca juno Juno buckmoth
Hemileuca lucina New England buckmoth
Hemileuca maia Eastern buckmoth
Hemileuca neumoegeni Neumoegen's buckmoth
Hemileuca nevadensis Nevada buckmoth
Hemileuca nuttalli Nuttall's sheepmoth
Hemileuca oliviae Range caterpillar moth
Hemileuca slosseri Slosser's buckmoth
Hemileuca stonei Stone's buckmoth
Hemileuca tricolor Tricolor buckmoth

Subfamily: Saturniinae (Giant Silkworm Moths)

Actias luna Luna moth
Agapema anona Mexican agapema
Agapema galbina Tamaulipan agapema
Agapema homogena Rocky Mountain agapema
Antheraea oculea Oculea silkmoth
Antheraea polyphemus Polyphemus moth
Callosamia angulifera Tuliptree silkmoth
Callosamia promethea Promethea silkmoth
Callosamia securifera Sweetbay silkmoth
Eupackardia calleta Calleta silkmoth
Hyalophora cecropia Cecropia silkmoth
Hyalophora columbia Columbia silkmoth
Hyalophora euryalus Ceanothus silkmoth
Hyalophora gloveri Glover's Silkmoth
Rothschildia cincta Cincta rothschildia
Rothschildia forbesi Forbes' Silkmoth
Rothschildia lebeau Lebeau's rothschildia
Samia cynthia Ailanthus silkmoth
Saturnia albofasciata White-streaked saturnia moth
Saturnia mendocino Mendocino saturnia moth
Saturnia walterorum Walters' saturnia moth

Subfamily: Ceratocampinae (Royal Moths)

Anisota consularis Consular oakworm moth
Anisota oslari Oslar's oakworm moth
Anisota peigleri Peigler's oakworm moth
Anisota senatoria Orange-tipped oakworm moth
Anisota stigma Spiny oakworm moth
Anisota virginiensis Pink-striped oakworm moth
Citheronia regalis Royal Walnut Moth
Citheronia sepulcralis Pine-devil Moth
Citheronia splendens Splendid royal moth
Dryocampa rubicunda Rosy maple moth
Eacles imperialis Imperial moth
Eacles oslari Oslar's eacles
Sphingicampa bicolor Bicolored honey locust moth
Sphingicampa bisecta Bisected honey locust moth
Sphingicampa hubbardi Hubbard's Small Silkmoth


The Saturniidae are members of the Superfamily Bombycoidea. These species are medium to very large in size, and this family includes the largest moths in North America. Adults have a wingspan of 3 to 15 centimeters, relatively small heads, and densely hairy bodies. Larvae are usually very fleshy, with clumps of raised bristles. Buck moth and Io moth caterpillars have sharp, stinging hairs. Caterpillars mostly feed on leaves of trees and shrubs; some cause severe damage. Pupa develop in silken cocoons or in the soil. This family does not contain the commercial silkworm moth (Bombyx mori), which is not native to North America.