Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Prodoxus decipiens

Family: Prodoxidae
Subfamily: Prodoxinae
Identification: Integument amber to medium brown. Head: With white scales. Maxillary palp 5-segmented, without tentacle on basal segment. Labial palp 3-segmented, with prominent apical sensilla. Proboscis tan-colored, relatively long. Antenna dark brown, with white scales on basal half. Thorax: With white scales. Forewing length in male 4.0
Wing Span: 11.0 - 24.5 mm
Life History:
Flight: Populations emerge when the local host flowers.
Caterpillar Hosts: Yucca filamentosa (incl. Y. louisianensis, Y. smalliana, and Y. flaccida), Y. glauca var. arkansana, Y. glauca, Y. constricta, and Y. aloifolia.
Adult Food:
Habitat: In desert, grassland, openings in pine or deciduous forest, or coastal chaparral and dunes with Yucca. [Similar habitat to P. quinquepunctellus per Olle Pellmyr. PersCom. Phil Koenig]
Range: Virginia, W. Virginia & Ohio W to MO & S to central FL & Eastern TX
NCGR: Not listed
Management Needs:
Comments: NULL
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