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Small-spotted Skipperling
Piruna microstictus

Family: Hesperiidae
Subfamily: Hesperiinae
Identification: Upperside is deep chestnut brown; forewing with small white spots, hindwing with 3-4 spots. Underside is chestnut brown and has small scattered white spots with black outlines.
Wing Span: 7/8 - 1 inch (2.2 - 2.5 cm).
Life History: Adults rest with their wings closed, but bask with hindwings open wide and forewings open to about 45 degrees. Males patrol to find receptive females. Caterpillars live and feed within nests of webbed leaves. Fully-grown caterpillars hibernate.
Flight: One brood; October in South Texas, June-August in Mexico.
Caterpillar Hosts: Not reported; probably grasses, sedges, or rushes.
Adult Food: Flower nectar.
Habitat: Arid subtropical chaparral and open woodland.
Range: From north to central Mexico. A rare stray to South Texas.
Conservation: Not required for a rare stray.
NCGR: G3 - Very rare or local throughout its range or found locally in a restricted range (21 to 100 occurrences). (Threatened throughout its range).
Management Needs: None reported.
Comments: NULL