Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Hag Moth
Phobetron pithecium (Smith, 1797)

Family: Limacodidae
Identification: Body black. Wings in male translucent; veins, margins, vague lines, and discal spot black. Hindwing black along inner margin. Forewing in female mixed yellow and brown; irregular am. and pm. lines and discal spot black. Hindwing smoky blackish.
Wing Span: 2-2.8 cm.
Life History: Larva (Monkey Slug) has stinging hairs.
Flight: May-September
Caterpillar Hosts: Apple, ashes, birches, chestnut, dogwoods, hickories, oaks, persimmon, willows and other woody plants.
Adult Food:
Range: Maine and Quebec to Florida, west to Nebraska, Arkansas and Mississippi.
Management Needs:
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