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Rounded Metalmark
Calephelis perditalis Barnes & McDunnough, 1918

Family: Riodinidae
Subfamily: Riodininae
Identification: Male with tip of forewing rounded. Upperside brown with indistinctly checkered fringes; may have dark median band.
Wing Span: 11/16 - 15/16 inch (1.8 - 2.4 cm).
Life History: Eggs are laid singly in axils of host plant leaves. Caterpillars eat leaves.
Flight: Throughout the year in South Texas, although most common from March-November.
Caterpillar Hosts: Boneset (Eupatorium odoratum) in the sunflower family (Asteraceae).
Adult Food: Flower nectar including boneset.
Habitat: Open areas such as thorn scrub, road edges, and fencerows.
Range: Central Texas south to central Mexico.
Conservation: Habitats in the lower Rio Grande Valley should be protected and conserved.
NCGR: G5 - Demonstrably secure globally, though it may be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery.
Management Needs: None reported.
Comments: NULL