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Dusky Owl-butterfly
Caligo illioneus oberon

Observation date: October 08, 2021
Date notes: Rainy and overcast all day. My photos don't display accurate color due to washed out light.
Submitted by: Paul Prappas
Specimen type: Photograph
Observation notes: This butterfly was found nectaring on rotting fruit early in the morning. Along the Caribbean coast, at Tortuguero. Its HW lacks a third smaller eyespot between the larger two, which rules out several "caligo" including "oedipus". VFW has a vertical, thin, light central band abutting to an inner black band. Also has a black line that diverges from that central band.
Status: Unknown
Verified by: Charlie Doggett
Verified date: June 26, 2022
Coordinator notes: Paul, thanks for double-checking that and I too use the Swift Guide and had it narrowed to those two species, but you had been so accurate in your IDs that I left it and she had to add the species which was not in their system. Again oedipus will have to be added and it probably will not be changed until mid-July after my next week photo trip. But you waited two years, so what's 3 more weeks? :-) I never matched those HW spots to either in the book but I was concerned that the lobbed band was not "even" inwardly as the book notes say, so this gives me another reason to change it (when BAMONA loads that species). I will just mark it pending until we get the new species. This is a bigger job than I expected and with a backlog of 450 submissions, so it will take time to catch up. Thanks for your help! We can't "overthink" in a scientific project!
Checklist region(s): Costa Rica