Family Sphingidae

Subfamily: Sphinginae (Sphinginae)

Adhemarius blanchardorum Blanchards' amplypterus
Agrius cingulata Pink-spotted hawkmoth
Amorpha juglandis Walnut sphinx
Ceratomia amyntor Elm sphinx
Ceratomia catalpae Catalpa sphinx
Ceratomia hageni Hagen's sphinx
Ceratomia sonorensis Sonoran sphinx
Ceratomia undulosa Waved sphinx
Cocytius antaeus Giant sphinx
Cocytius duponchel Duponchel's sphinx
Dolba hyloeus Pawpaw sphinx
Dolbogene hartwegii Hartweg's sphinx
Isoparce cupressi Baldcypress sphinx
Lapara bombycoides Northern pine sphinx
Lapara coniferarum Southern pine sphinx
Lapara phaeobrachycerous Gulf pine sphinx
Lintneria eremitus Hermit sphinx
Lintneria istar Istar sphinx
Lintneria separatus Separated sphinx
Manduca albiplaga White-plagued sphinx
Manduca jasminearum Ash sphinx
Manduca muscosa Muscosa sphinx
Manduca occulta Occult sphinx
Manduca quinquemaculata Five-spotted hawkmoth
Manduca rustica Rustic sphinx
Manduca sexta Carolina sphinx
Neococytius cluentius Cluentius sphinx
Pachysphinx modesta Modest sphinx
Pachysphinx occidentalis Big poplar sphinx
Paonias astylus Huckleberry sphinx
Paonias excaecata Blinded sphinx
Paonias myops Small-eyed sphinx
Paratraea plebeja Plebeian sphinx
Protambulyx carteri Carter's sphinx
Protambulyx strigilis Streaked sphinx
Sagenosoma elsa Elsa sphinx
Smerinthus cerisyi One-eyed sphinx
Smerinthus jamaicensis Twin-spotted sphinx
Smerinthus saliceti Salicet sphinx
Sphinx asellus Asella sphinx
Sphinx canadensis Canadian sphinx
Sphinx chersis Great ash sphinx
Sphinx chisoya Chisoya sphinx
Sphinx dollii Doll's sphinx
Sphinx drupiferarum Wild cherry sphinx
Sphinx eremitoides Sage sphinx
Sphinx franckii Franck's sphinx
Sphinx geminus Gemmed sphinx
Sphinx gordius Apple sphinx
Sphinx kalmiae Laurel sphinx
Sphinx libocedrus Incense cedar sphinx
Sphinx luscitiosa Clemen's sphinx
Sphinx perelegans Elegant sphinx
Sphinx pinastri Pine hawkmoth
Sphinx poecila Poecila sphinx
Sphinx sequoiae Sequoia sphinx
Sphinx smithi Smith's sphinx
Sphinx vashti Vashti sphinx

Subfamily: Macroglossinae (Macroglossinae)

Aellopos clavipes Clavipes sphinx
Aellopos fadus Fadus sphinx
Aellopos tantalus Tantalus sphinx
Aellopos titan Titan sphinx
Amphion floridensis Nessus sphinx
Callionima parce Parce sphinx
Cautethia grotei Grote's sphinx
Cautethia spuria Spurious sphinx
Daphnis nerii Oleander Hawk-moth
Darapsa myron Virginia creeper sphinx
Darapsa versicolor Hydrangea sphinx
Deidamia inscriptum Lettered sphinx
Deilephila elpenor Elephant Hawk Moth
Enyo lugubris Mournful sphinx
Erinnyis alope Alope sphinx
Erinnyis crameri Cramer's sphinx
Erinnyis ello Ello sphinx
Erinnyis lassauxii Lassaux's sphinx
Erinnyis obscura Obscure sphinx
Erinnyis oenotrus Oenotrus sphinx
Eumorpha achemon Achemon sphinx
Eumorpha anchemolus Anchemola sphinx
Eumorpha fasciatus Banded sphinx
Eumorpha intermedia Intermediate sphinx
Eumorpha labruscae Gaudy sphinx
Eumorpha megaeacus Eacus sphinx
Eumorpha pandorus Pandorus Sphinx
Eumorpha satellitia Satellite sphinx
Eumorpha typhon Typhon sphinx
Eumorpha vitis Vine sphinx
Euproserpinus euterpe Kern primrose sphinx
Euproserpinus phaeton Phaeton primrose sphinx
Euproserpinus wiesti Wiest's primrose sphinx
Hemaris diffinis Snowberry Clearwing
Hemaris gracilis Slender clearwing
Hemaris thysbe Hummingbird Clearwing
Hyles euphorbiae Spurge hawkmoth
Hyles gallii Bedstraw hawkmoth
Hyles lineata White-lined Sphinx
Isognathus rimosa Rimosus sphinx
Madoryx pseudothyreus False-windowed sphinx
Pachylia ficus Fig sphinx
Perigonia lusca Half-blind sphinx
Phryxus caicus Caicus sphinx
Proserpinus clarkiae Clark's sphinx
Proserpinus flavofasciata Yellow-banded sphinx
Proserpinus gaurae Proud sphinx
Proserpinus juanita Juanita sphinx
Proserpinus lucidus Pacific green sphinx
Proserpinus terlooii Terloo sphinx
Proserpinus vega Vega sphinx
Pseudosphinx tetrio Tetrio sphinx
Sphecodina abbottii Abbott's sphinx
Xylophanes ceratomoides Brown and yellow sphinx
Xylophanes falco Falcon sphinx
Xylophanes libya Libya sphinx
Xylophanes pluto Pluto sphinx
Xylophanes porcus Porcus sphinx
Xylophanes tersa Tersa Sphinx


The Sphingidae belong to the Superfamily Sphingoidea. Members of this family are commonly called "hummingbird," "sphinx," or "hawk" moths, and some can be mistaken for hummingbirds. Most are medium to large moths, with heavy bodies; wingspread reaches 5 inches or more in some species. The Sphingidae are strong and fast fliers, with a rapid wingbeat. Most species in the group are active at dusk, and most feed much like hummingbirds, hovering in front of a flower and sipping nectar through the extended proboscis. The proboscis rolls up when not in use. Some species lack scales on large portions of their wings, resulting in transparent or clear wings. In most species, the larval stage is called a "hornworm" because the caterpillar's posterior end has a harmless hook or hornlike appendage protruding upward. Unfortunately, the caterpillar of some species can be very destructive to agricultural crops and ornamental plantings.