Attributes of Heliconius erato

Erato Heliconian
Heliconius erato (Linnaeus, 1758)

Family: Nymphalidae
Subfamily: Heliconiinae
Identification: Forewing black with pink-red band; hindwing black with yellow stripe.
Wing Span: 2 5/8 - 3 1/8 inches (6.7 - 8 cm).
Life History: Males patrol during the day for females, and also mate with females as they emerge from the chrysalis. After mating, males place a repellant chemical on the female's abdomen to keep other males from mating with her. Eggs are laid singly on young tendrils and shoots, which the caterpillars eat.
Flight: June and August-September in South Texas, all year in the tropics.
Caterpillar Hosts: Various passion-vines (Passiflora species).
Adult Food: Flower nectar and pollen.
Habitat: Tropical and subtropical forests and edges.
Range: Brazil north through Central America to Mexico; a rare stray to South Texas.
Conservation: Not required for rare stray.
NCGR: G5 - Demonstrably secure globally, though it may be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery.
Management Needs: None reported.
Taxonomy Notes:

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Heliconius erato - 52043.jpg

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Observation Date Submitter Region Verified Datesort icon
February 06, 2015 HelenVG Jalisco, Mexico February 18, 2015 Details
March 10, 2013 janeth13 Puntarenas, Costa Rica February 03, 2015 Details
February 17, 2012 DJHiker Bocas del Toro Province, Panama July 08, 2014 Details
February 15, 2014 janazak Quintana Roo, Mexico April 03, 2014 Details
July 07, 2013 renaissance Durham County, North Carolina, United States October 18, 2013 Details
March 03, 2011 Walt Webb Stann Creek District, Belize May 01, 2013 Details
February 15, 2013 Doug Taron Jalisco, Mexico February 19, 2013 Details
February 12, 2012 JimConrad Yucatan, Mexico November 20, 2012 Details
February 16, 2010 jeffmci9 Quintana Roo, Mexico November 20, 2012 Details
November 21, 2011 uberpeon Guerrero, Mexico November 17, 2012 Details
February 28, 2007 Naseem Reza Nayarit, Mexico May 03, 2011 Details
October 01, 2000 legacy.reporter (Parr, Linda) Macomb County, Michigan, United States May 01, 2011 Details
July 05, 2008 naomiblinick Puntarenas, Costa Rica April 09, 2011 Details
October 16, 2006 legacy.reporter (Mike Overton, Paul Opler) Tamaulipas, Mexico October 01, 2007 Details
October 15, 2006 legacy.reporter (Mike Overton, Paul Opler) San Luis Potosi, Mexico October 01, 2007 Details
October 16, 2006 legacy.reporter (Mike Overton, Paul Opler) Tamaulipas, Mexico October 01, 2007 Details
October 16, 2006 legacy.reporter (Mike Overton, Paul Opler) Tamaulipas, Mexico October 01, 2007 Details
December 28, 2002 legacy.reporter (North American Butterfly Association (NABA) of South Texas)) Hidalgo County, Texas, United States January 29, 2007 Details
January 01, 1950 legacy.reporter Nuevo Leon, Mexico December 31, 2004 Details
January 01, 1950 legacy.reporter Tamaulipas, Mexico December 31, 2004 Details