Regional Species Checklists

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Butterflies and Moths of Liberty County, Texas, United States

The BAMONA database currently includes verified sighting records for 867 butterfly and moth species from this region.
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Hesperiidae Skippers

Epargyreus clarus Silver-spotted Skipper
Chioides albofasciatus White-striped Longtail
Urbanus dorantes Dorantes Longtail
Thorybes pylades Northern Cloudywing
Erynnis juvenalis Juvenal's Duskywing
Erynnis horatius Horace's Duskywing
Erynnis funeralis Funereal Duskywing
Pyrgus albescens White Checkered-Skipper
Pyrgus oileus Tropical Checkered-Skipper
Nastra julia Julia's Skipper
Lerema accius Clouded Skipper
Ancyloxypha numitor Least Skipper
Copaeodes minima Southern Skipperling
Hylephila phyleus Fiery Skipper
Polites themistocles Tawny-edged Skipper
Polites vibex Whirlabout
Wallengrenia egeremet Northern Broken-Dash
Wallengrenia otho Southern Broken-Dash
Pompeius verna Little Glassywing
Poanes viator Broad-winged Skipper
Poanes yehl Yehl Skipper
Euphyes dukesi Dukes' Skipper
Euphyes vestris Dun Skipper
Amblyscirtes aesculapius Lace-winged Roadside-Skipper
Amblyscirtes eos Dotted Roadside-Skipper
Oligoria maculata Twin-spot Skipper
Calpodes ethlius Brazilian Skipper
Panoquina ocola Ocola Skipper

Papilionidae Parnassians and Swallowtails

Battus philenor Pipevine Swallowtail
Eurytides marcellus Zebra Swallowtail
Papilio polyxenes Black Swallowtail
Papilio glaucus Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Papilio troilus Spicebush Swallowtail
Papilio palamedes Palamedes Swallowtail
Papilio cresphontes Giant Swallowtail

Pieridae Whites and Sulphurs

Pontia protodice Checkered White
Colias eurytheme Orange Sulphur
Phoebis sennae Cloudless Sulphur
Pyrisitia lisa Little Yellow
Abaeis nicippe Sleepy Orange
Nathalis iole Dainty Sulphur

Lycaenidae Gossamer-wing Butterflies

Calycopis cecrops Red-banded Hairstreak
Calycopis isobeon Dusky-blue Groundstreak
Strymon melinus Gray Hairstreak
Strymon istapa Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak
Parrhasius m album White-M Hairstreak
Cupido comyntas Eastern Tailed-Blue
Celastrina ladon Spring Azure
Celastrina neglecta Summer Azure
Echinargus isola Reakirt's Blue

Nymphalidae Brush-footed Butterflies

Libytheana carinenta American Snout
Agraulis vanillae Gulf Fritillary
Heliconius charithonia Zebra Heliconian
Euptoieta claudia Variegated Fritillary
Asterocampa celtis Hackberry Emperor
Asterocampa clyton Tawny Emperor
Phyciodes phaon Phaon Crescent
Phyciodes tharos Pearl Crescent
Junonia coenia Common Buckeye
Vanessa atalanta Red Admiral
Vanessa cardui Painted Lady
Vanessa virginiensis American Lady
Anaea andria Goatweed Leafwing
Enodia portlandia Southern Pearly-eye
Enodia creola Creole Pearly-eye
Cyllopsis gemma Gemmed Satyr
Megisto cymela Little Wood-Satyr
Hermeuptychia sosybius Carolina Satyr

Drepanidae Hooktip and False Owlet Moths

Eudeilinia herminiata Northern Eudeilinea
Oreta rosea Rose Hooktip

Saturniidae Wild Silk Moths

Automeris io Io moth
Actias luna Luna moth
Antheraea polyphemus Polyphemus moth
Anisota stigma Spiny oakworm moth
Anisota virginiensis Pink-striped oakworm moth
Citheronia regalis Royal Walnut Moth
Eacles imperialis Imperial moth

Sphingidae Sphinx Moths, Hawkmoths

Agrius cingulata Pink-spotted hawkmoth
Amorpha juglandis Walnut sphinx
Ceratomia amyntor Elm sphinx
Ceratomia catalpae Catalpa sphinx
Ceratomia undulosa Waved sphinx
Dolba hyloeus Pawpaw sphinx
Isoparce cupressi Baldcypress sphinx
Manduca quinquemaculata Five-spotted hawkmoth
Manduca rustica Rustic sphinx
Manduca sexta Carolina sphinx
Paonias excaecata Blinded sphinx
Paratraea plebeja Plebeian sphinx
Darapsa myron Virginia creeper sphinx
Deidamia inscriptum Lettered sphinx
Enyo lugubris Mournful sphinx
Erinnyis obscura Obscure sphinx
Eumorpha achemon Achemon sphinx
Eumorpha fasciatus Banded sphinx
Eumorpha pandorus Pandorus Sphinx
Hyles lineata White-lined Sphinx
Xylophanes tersa Tersa Sphinx

Notodontidae Prominents

Clostera inclusa Angle-Lined Prominent
Datana angusii Angus's Datana
Datana integerrima Walnut Caterpillar Moth
Furcula cinerea Gray Furcula
Gluphisia septentrionis Common Gluphisia
Heterocampa biundata Wavy-lined Heterocampa
Heterocampa guttivitta Maple Prominent
Heterocampa obliqua Oblique Heterocampa
Heterocampa subrotata Small Heterocampa
Heterocampa umbrata White-blotched Heterocampa
Hyperaeschra georgica Georgian Prominent
Lochmaeus bilineata Double-lined Prominent
Lochmaeus manteo Variable Oakleaf Caterpillar Moth
Macrurocampa marthesia Mottled Prominent
Misogada unicolor Drab Prominent
Nerice bidentata Double-toothed Prominent
Oligocentria lignicolor White-Streaked Prominent
Peridea angulosa Angulose Prominent
Schizura leptinoides Black-blotched Schizura
Schizura unicornis Unicorn Caterpillar Moth
Symmerista albifrons White-headed Prominent

Noctuidae Owlet Moths, Miller Moths

Acontia tetragona Four-spotted Bird-dropping Moth
Amyna axis Eight-Spot
Amyna bullula Hook-tipped Amyna
Cerma cerintha Tufted Bird-Dropping Moth
Cydosia aurivitta Straight-lined Cydosia Moth
Homophoberia apicosa Black Wedge-spot
Hyperstrotia flaviguttata Yellow-spotted Graylet
Leuconycta lepidula Marbled-green Leuconycta Moth
Marimatha nigrofimbria Black-bordered Lemon Moth
Ozarba aeria Aerial Brown
Ponometia candefacta Olive-shaded Bird-dropping Moth
Ponometia semiflava Half-yellow Moth
Spragueia dama Southern Spragueia
Spragueia leo Common Spragueia
Tarache aprica Exposed Bird-dropping Moth
Acronicta afflicta Afflicted Dagger Moth
Acronicta connecta Connected Dagger Moth
Acronicta hasta Speared Dagger Moth
Acronicta impleta Yellow-haired Dagger Moth
Acronicta lobeliae Lobelia Dagger Moth
Acronicta longa Long-winged Dagger
Acronicta modica Medium Dagger Moth
Acronicta oblinita Smeared Dagger Moth
Acronicta retardata Retarded Dagger Moth
Acronicta rubricoma Ruddy Dagger Moth
Acronicta vinnula Delightful Dagger Moth
Harrisimemna trisignata Harris' Three Spot
Simyra insularis Henry's Marsh Moth
Athetis tarda The Slow Poke
Callopistria floridensis Florida Callopistria Moth
Condica cupentia Splotched Groundling
Condica mobilis Mobile Groundling
Condica videns White-dotted Groundling
Crambodes talidiformis Verbena Moth
Galgula partita The Wedgling
Micrathetis triplex Triplex Cutworm Moth
Ogdoconta cinereola Common Pinkband
Phosphila miselioides Spotted Phosphila
Plagiomimicus pityochromus Black-barred Brown
Spodoptera exigua Beet Armyworm Moth
Spodoptera frugiperda Fall Armyworm Moth
Spodoptera ornithogalli Yellow-striped Armyworm Moth
Bagisara rectifascia Straight Lined Mallow Moth
Bagisara repanda Wavy Lined Mallow Moth
Copivaleria grotei Grote's Sallow
Psaphida resumens Figure-Eight Sallow
Psaphida rolandi Roland's Sallow
Maliattha synochitis Black-dotted Maliattha
Charadra deridens The Laugher
Argyrogramma verruca Golden Looper Moth
Chrysodeixis includens Soybean Looper Moth
Ctenoplusia oxygramma Sharp-stigma Looper Moth
Enigmogramma basigera Pink-washed Looper Moth
Megalographa biloba Bilobed Looper Moth
Rachiplusia ou Gray Looper Moth
Trichoplusia ni Cabbage Looper Moth
Feralia major Major Sallow
Archanara oblonga Oblong Sedge Borer Moth
Dargida diffusa Wheat Head Armyworm Moth
Elaphria chalcedonia Chalcedony Midget
Elaphria versicolor Variegated Midget
Himella fidelis Intractable Quaker
Lacinipolia laudabilis Laudable Arches
Leucania scirpicola Scirpus Wainscot
Morrisonia confusa Confused Woodgrain
Morrisonia evicta Bicolored Woodgrain
Mythimna unipuncta Armyworm Moth
Orthodes majuscula Rustic Quaker
Orthosia alurina Gray Quaker
Tricholita signata Signate Quaker
Ulolonche culea Sheathed Quaker
Xanthopastis regnatrix Spanish Moth
Agrotis ipsilon Ipsilon Dart
Agrotis venerabilis Venerable Dart
Anicla infecta Green Cutworm Moth
Choephora fungorum Bent-Line Dart
Feltia subterranea Subterranean Dart Moth
Metaxaglaea semitaria Footpath Sallow
Metaxaglaea viatica Roadside Sallow
Peridroma saucia Variegated Cutworm Moth
Phosphila turbulenta Turbulent Phosphila
Spodoptera albula Gray-streaked Armywom Moth
Spodoptera eridania Southern Armyworm Moth
Spodoptera latifascia Velvet Armyworm Moth
Raphia abrupta Abrupt Brother
Helicoverpa zea Corn Earworm Moth
Heliocheilus paradoxus Paradoxical Grass Moth
Heliothis virescens Tobacco Budworm Moth
Schinia arcigera Arcigera Flower Moth
Schinia nundina Goldenrod Flower Moth
Schinia rivulosa Ragweed Flower Moth
Schinia saturata Brown Flower Moth
Schinia trifascia Three-lined Flower Moth
Alypia octomaculata Eight-spotted Forester
Eudryas grata Beautiful Wood-nymph
Eudryas unio Pearly Wood-nymph
Psychomorpha epimenis Grapevine Epimenis
Diphthera festiva Hieroglyphic Moth

Erebidae Erebid Moths

Apantesis nais Nais Tiger Moth
Apantesis phalerata Harnessed Moth
Cisseps fulvicollis Yellow-collared Scape Moth
Cisthene packardii Packard's Lichen Moth
Cisthene plumbea Lead-Colored Lichen Moth
Clemensia albata Little White Lichen Moth
Comachara cadburyi Cadbury's Lichen Moth
Crambidia pallida Pale Lichen Moth
Estigmene acrea Salt Marsh Moth or Acrea Moth
Euchaetes egle Milkweed Tussock Moth or Milkweed Tiger Moth
Euerythra phasma Red-tailed Specter
Halysidota tessellaris Banded Tussock Moth or Pale Tiger Moth
Haploa clymene Clymene Moth
Horama panthalon Texas Wasp Moth
Hypercompe scribonia Great Leopard Moth
Hyphantria cunea Fall Webworm Moth
Hypoprepia fucosa Painted Lichen Moth
Hypoprepia miniata Scarlet-winged Lichen Moth
Leucanopsis longa Long-Streaked Tussock Moth
Lophocampa caryae Hickory Tussock Moth or Hickory Tiger Moth
Pygarctia abdominalis Yellow-Edged Pygarctia
Pyrrharctia isabella Isabella Tiger Moth or Banded Woolybear
Spilosoma virginica Virginian Tiger Moth or Yellow Woolybear Moth
Utetheisa ornatrix Bella Moth
Virbia laeta Joyful Holomelina
Virbia opella Tawny Holomelina
Bleptina caradrinalis Bent-winged Owlet Moth
Idia aemula Common Idia Moth
Idia americalis American Idia Moth
Idia lubricalis Glossy Black Idia Moth
Lascoria ambigualis Ambiguous Moth
Macrochilo louisiana Louisiana Macrochilo
Macrochilo orciferalis Bronzy Macrochilo Moth
Palthis asopialis Faint-spotted Palthis Moth
Phalaenophana pyramusalis Dark-banded Owlet Moth
Phalaenostola larentioides Black-banded Owlet Moth
Redectis pygmaea Pygmy Redectis
Renia adspergillus Speckled Renia Moth
Renia discoloralis Discolored Renia Moth
Renia fraternalis Fraternal Renia Moth
Tetanolita floridana Florida Tetanolita Moth
Tetanolita mynesalis Smoky Tetanolita Moth
Zanclognatha cruralis Early Zanclognatha Moth