Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Photographs from New Jersey

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Costaconvexa centrostrigaria The Bent-line Carpet

Disclisioprocta stellata Somber Carpet

Dyspteris abortivaria The Bad-wing

Epirrhoe alternata White-banded Toothed Carpet

Epirrita autumnata Autumnal Moth

Eubaphe mendica The Beggar

Eulithis diversilineata Lesser Grapevine Looper Moth

Eulithis explanata White Eulithis

Eulithis sp.

Euphyia intermediata Sharp-angled Carpet

Eupithecia absinthiata

Eupithecia columbiata

Eupithecia fletcherata

Eupithecia matheri

Eupithecia miserulata

Eupithecia palpata Small Pine Looper Moth

Eupithecia peckorum

Eupithecia ravocostaliata Tawny Pug Moth

Eupithecia sp. Unknown Eupithecia species

Heterophleps refusaria Three-patched Bigwing

Heterophleps triguttaria Three-spotted Fillip

Horisme intestinata Brown Bark Carpet