Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Photographs from Georgia

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Nepytia semiclusaria Southern Neptyia

Paleacrita merriccata White-spotted Cankerworm Moth

Patalene olyzonaria Juniper Geometer

Pero ancetaria Hübner's Pero

Petrophora divisata Common Petrophora Moth

Phaeoura quernaria Oak Beauty

Phigalia denticulata Toothed Phigalia

Phigalia strigataria Small Phigalia

Plagodis alcoolaria Hollow-spotted Plagodis

Plagodis fervidaria Fervid Plagodis

Plagodis pulveraria American Barred Umber

Probole alienaria Alien Probole

Probole amicaria

Prochoerodes lineola Large Maple Spanworm Moth

Protoboarmia porcelaria Porcelain Gray

Psamatodes abydata Dot-lined Angle Moth

Selenia kentaria Kent's Geometer