Butterflies and Moths of North America

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Photographs from Georgia

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Macaria bicolorata

Macaria bisignata Red-headed inchworm

Macaria distribuaria Southern Chocolate Angle

Macaria fissinotata Hemlock Angle

Macaria granitata Granite Moth

Macaria minorata Minor Angle Moth

Macaria multilineata Many-lined Angle

Macaria promiscuata Promiscuous Angle

Macaria sp.

Macaria transitaria Blurry Chocolate Angle

Macaria varadaria Southern Angle

Melanolophia canadaria Canadian melanolophia

Melanolophia signataria Signate Melanolophia

Melanolophia sp.

Metarranthis angularia

Metarranthis homuraria

Metarranthis obfirmaria Yellow-washed Metarranthis

Nematocampa baggettaria Baggett's Spanworm Moth

Nematocampa resistaria Horned Spanworm Moth

Nepytia semiclusaria Southern Neptyia