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Below is a list of all species in the Butterflies and Moths of North America database. Species lists are also available by taxonomy and by region. Use the Search page to find a particular species of interest. There are 7292 species in the list, given the filter settings.
Consul fabius Tiger-striped Leafwing
Copaeodes aurantiaca Orange Skipperling
Copaeodes minima Southern Skipperling
Copivaleria grotei Grote's Sallow
Corticea corticea Redundant Skipper
Coryphista meadii Barberry Geometer
Cosipara tricoloralis Tricolored Cosipara
Cosmia calami American dun-bar Moth
Cosmopterix fernaldella Fernald's Cosmopterix Moth
Cosmosoma myrodora Scarlet-Bodied Wasp Moth
Cossula magnifica Pecan Carpenterworm Moth
Costaconvexa centrostrigaria The Bent-line Carpet
Crambidia casta Pearly-Winged Lichen Moth
Crambidia cephalica Yellow-headed Lichen Moth
Crambidia lithosioides Dark Gray Lichen Moth
Crambidia pallida Pale Lichen Moth
Crambidia pura Pure Lichen Moth
Crambidia uniformis Uniform Lichen Moth
Crambodes talidiformis Verbena Moth
Crambus albellus Small White Grass-veneer
Crambus bidens Forked Grass-veneer
Crambus girardellus Girard's Grass-veneer
Crambus laqueatellus Eastern Grass-veneer
Crambus praefectellus Common Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus quinquareatus Large-striped Grass-veneer
Crambus turbatella Grass Veneer Moth
Crambus unistriatellus Wide-stripe Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus watsonellus Watson's Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus youngellus Young's Grass-veneer Moth
Cremastobombycia solidaginis Goldenrod Leaf Miner
Creonpyge creon Creon Skipper
Crocidosema plebejana Cotton Tipworm Moth
Crocigrapha normani Norman's Quaker
Cryphia cuerva Cryphia Moth
Cryptocala acadiensis Catocaline Dart
Cryptothelea nigrita Nigrita Bagworm Moth
Ctenoplusia oxygramma Sharp-stigma Looper Moth
Ctenucha brunnea Brown Ctenucha
Ctenucha rubroscapus Red-Shouldered Ctenucha
Ctenucha virginica Virginia Ctenucha
Cucullia asteroides The Asteroid
Cucullia convexipennis Brown-hooded Owlet
Cucullia intermedia Intermediate Cucullia
Cucullia montanae Mountain Hooded Owlet
Cucullia speyeri Speyer's Hooded Owlet
Cucullia strigata Streaked Hooded Owlet Moth
Cupido amyntula Western Tailed-Blue
Cupido comyntas Eastern Tailed-Blue
Cyanophrys agricolor Stained Greenstreak
Cyanophrys goodsoni Goodson's Greenstreak
Cyanophrys herodotus Tropical Greenstreak
Cyanophrys longula Long-winged Greenstreak
Cyanophrys miserabilis Clench's Greenstreak
Cyclargus ammon Nickerbean Blue
Cyclargus thomasi Miami Blue
Cyclophora myrtaria Waxmyrtle Wave Moth
Cyclophora packardi Packard's Wave
Cyclophora pendulinaria Sweetfern Geometer
Cycnia inopinatus Unexpected Cycnia
Cycnia oregonensis Oregon Cycnia
Cycnia tenera Delicate Cycnia or Dogbane Tiger Moth
Cydia albimaculana White-marked Cydia Moth
Cydia anaranjada Slash Pine Seedworm Moth
Cydia caryana Hickory Shuckworm Moth
Cydia fletcherana Fletcher's Cydia Moth
Cydia gallaesaliciana Willow Gall Moth
Cydia latiferreana Filbertworm Moth
Cydia nigricana Pea Moth
Cydia piperana Ponderosa Pine Seedworm Moth
Cydia pomonella Codling Moth
Cydia separatana Pink-washed Leafroller Moth
Cydosia aurivitta Straight-lined Cydosia Moth
Cydosia nobilitella Curve-lined Cydosia Moth
Cyllopsis caballeroi Cowboy Gemmed-Satyr
Cyllopsis gemma Gemmed Satyr
Cyllopsis hedemanni Stub-tailed Gemmed-Satyr
Cyllopsis hilaria Two-toned Gemmed-Satyr
Cyllopsis nayarit Nayarit Gemmed-Satyr
Cyllopsis pephredo Big-spiked Gemmed-Satyr
Cyllopsis pertepida Canyonland Satyr
Cyllopsis pyracmon Nabokov's Satyr
Cymaenes alumna Alumna Skipper
Cymaenes trebius Fawn-spotted Skipper
Cymaenes tripunctus Three-spotted Skipper
Cymatophora approximaria Giant Gray Moth
Cynea irma Fogged Skipper
Cynea megalops Megalops Skipper
Dafa formosella Beautiful Epicallima Moth
Dahana atripennis Black-Winged Dahana
Danaus cleophile Caribbean Queen or Jamaican Monarch
Danaus eresimus Soldier
Daphnis nerii Oleander Hawk-moth
Darapsa myron Virginia creeper sphinx
Darapsa versicolor Hydrangea sphinx
Dargida diffusa Wheat Head Armyworm Moth
Dargida rubripennis The Pink-Streak
Dasychira basiflava Yellow-based Tussock Moth
Dasychira cinnamomea Cinnamon Tussock Moth
Dasychira dorsipennata Sharp-lined Tussock Moth
Dasychira manto Manto Tussock Moth
Dasychira meridionalis Southern Tussock Moth
Dasychira obliquata Streaked Tussock Moth
Dasychira plagiata Northern Pine Tussock Moth
Dasychira tephra Tephra Tussock Moth
Dasychira vagans Variable Tussock Moth
Dasyfidonia avuncularia Red-winged Wave Moth
Dasylophia anguina Black-Spotted Prominent
Dasylophia thyatiroides Gray-Patched Prominent
Datana angusii Angus's Datana
Datana contracta Contracted Datana
Datana drexelii Drexel's Datana
Datana integerrima Walnut Caterpillar Moth
Datana major Major Datana
Datana ministra Yellow-necked Caterpillar Moth
Datana perspicua Spotted Datana
Daulia magdalena Glittering Magdalena Moth