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Below is a list of all species in the Butterflies and Moths of North America database.

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Plodia interpunctella Indian-Meal Moth
Plusia contexta Connected Looper Moth
Plusia putnami Putnam's Looper Moth
Plutella porrectella Dame's Rocket Moth
Plutella xylostella Diamondback Moth
Poanes aaroni Aaron's Skipper
Poanes hobomok Hobomok Skipper
Poanes inimica Yellow-stained Skipper
Poanes massasoit Mulberry Wing
Poanes melane Umber Skipper
Poanes taxiles Taxiles Skipper
Poanes viator Broad-winged Skipper
Poanes yehl Yehl Skipper
Poanes zabulon Zabulon Skipper
Pococera aplastella Aspen Webworm Moth
Pococera asperatella Maple Webworm Moth
Pococera euphemella Mesquite Leaf Tier
Pococera expandens Double-humped Pococera Moth
Pococera melanogrammos Black-letter Pococera Moth
Pococera militella Sycamore Webworm Moth
Pococera robustella Pine Webworm Moth
Pococera subcanalis Cloaked Pococera
Podosesia syringae Lilac Borer
Poladryas arachne Arachne Checkerspot
Poladryas minuta Dotted Checkerspot
Polia imbrifera Cloudy Arches
Polia nimbosa Stormy Arches
Polia purpurissata Purple Arches
Polites baracoa Baracoa Skipper
Polites carus Carus Skipper
Polites draco Draco Skipper
Polites mardon Mardon Skipper
Polites mystic Long Dash
Polites origenes Crossline Skipper
Polites peckius Peck's Skipper
Polites rhesus Rhesus Skipper
Polites sabuleti Sandhill Skipper
Polites sonora Sonora Skipper
Polites themistocles Tawny-edged Skipper
Polites vibex Whirlabout
Polyctor cleta Cleta Tufted-Skipper
Polyctor enops Enops Tufted-Skipper
Polygonia comma Eastern Comma
Polygonia faunus Green Comma
Polygonia gracilis Hoary Comma
Polygonia oreas Oreas Comma
Polygonia progne Gray Comma
Polygonia satyrus Satyr Comma
Polygonia zephyrus Zephyr Comma
Polygonus leo Hammock Skipper
Polygonus savigny Manuel's Skipper
Polygrammodes elevata Red-spotted Sweetpotato Moth
Polyommatus icarus European Common Blue
Polythrix asine Asine Longtail
Polythrix caunus (Herrich-Schäffer, 1869)
Polythrix mexicanus Mexican Longtail
Polythrix octomaculata Eight-spotted Longtail
Pompeius pompeius Pompeius Skipper
Pompeius verna Little Glassywing
Ponometia binocula Prairie Bird-dropping Moth
Ponometia candefacta Olive-shaded Bird-dropping Moth
Ponometia elegantula Arizona Bird Dropping Moth
Ponometia erastrioides Small Bird-dropping Moth
Ponometia semiflava Half-yellow Moth
Pontia beckerii Becker's White
Pontia occidentalis Western White
Pontia protodice Checkered White
Pontia sisymbrii Spring White
Prionoxystus macmurtrei Little Carpenterworm Moth
Prionoxystus robiniae Carpenterworm Moth
Problema bulenta Rare Skipper
Problema byssus Byssus Skipper
Probole alienaria Alien Probole
Probole nepiasaria Heath Probole
Prochoerodes lineola Large Maple Spanworm Moth
Prodoxus quinquepunctellus Five-spotted Bogus Yucca Moth
Prolimacodes badia Skiff Moth
Prolimacodes trigona Western Skiff Moth
Promalactis suzukiella Suzuki's Promalactis Moth
Proserpinus clarkiae Clark's sphinx
Proserpinus flavofasciata Yellow-banded sphinx
Proserpinus gaurae Proud sphinx
Proserpinus juanita Juanita sphinx
Proserpinus lucidus Pacific green sphinx
Proserpinus terlooii Terloo sphinx
Proserpinus vega Vega sphinx
Protambulyx carteri Carter's sphinx
Protambulyx strigilis Streaked sphinx
Proteides mercurius Mercurial Skipper
Proteoteras crescentana Black-crescent Proteoteras
Proteoteras moffatiana Maple Bud Borer Moth
Proteoteras willingana Eastern Boxelder Twig Borer Moth
Protitame virginalis Virgin moth
Protoboarmia porcelaria Porcelain Gray
Protodeltote albidula Pale Glyph Moth
Protodeltote muscosula Large Mossy Lithacodia
Protolampra brunneicollis Brown-collared Dart
Protorthodes oviduca Ruddy Quaker
Proxenus miranda Miranda Moth
Pryeria sinica Euonymous Defoliator Moth
Psamatodes abydata Dot-lined Angle Moth
Psaphida electilis Chosen Sallow
Psaphida grandis Gray Sallow
Psaphida resumens Figure-Eight Sallow
Psaphida rolandi Roland's Sallow
Psaphida styracis Fawn Sallow
Pselnophorus belfragei Belfrage's Plume Moth
Pseudeustrotia carneola Pink-barred Pseudeustrotia
Pseudexentera cressoniana Shagbark Hickory Leafroller Moth
Pseudexentera mali Pale Apple Leafroller Moth
Pseudexentera spoliana Bare-patched Oak Leafroller
Pseudocharis minima Lesser Wasp Moth
Pseudocopaeodes eunus Alkali Skipper
Pseudohermonassa bicarnea Pink-spotted Dart
Pseudohermonassa tenuicula Morrison's Sooty Dart
Pseudolycaena damo Sky-blue Hairstreak