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Below is a list of all species in the Butterflies and Moths of North America database. Species lists are also available by taxonomy and by region. Use the Search page to find a particular species of interest. There are 7125 species in the list, given the filter settings.
Microtheoris vibicalis Whip-marked Snout Moth
Micrurapteryx salicifoliella Willow Leafblotch Miner Moth
Mimoides phaon Variable Swallowtail
Mimoides thymbraeus White-crescent Swallowtail
Mimoschinia rufofascialis Rufous-banded Crambid Moth
Ministrymon azia Gray Ministreak
Ministrymon clytie Clytie Ministreak
Ministrymon leda Leda Ministreak
Ministrymon una Pale Ministreak
Misogada unicolor Drab Prominent
Mnasicles geta Violet-frosted Skipper
Mnasilus allubita Butler's Skipper
Mocis disseverans Yellow Mocis
Mocis latipes Small Mocis
Mocis marcida Withered Mocis
Mocis texana Texas Mocis
Mompha bottimeri Bottimer's Mompha Moth
Mompha eloisella Red-streaked Mompha
Monca crispinus Violet-patched Skipper
Monoleuca semifascia Pin-striped Slug Moth
Monopis crocicapitella Bird Nest Moth
Monopis monachella White-headed Monopis
Moodna ostrinella Darker Moodna Moth
Morpho deidamia Scarce Morpho
Morpho helenor Common Morpho
Morpho polyphemus White Morpho
Morrisonia confusa Confused Woodgrain
Morrisonia evicta Bicolored Woodgrain
Morrisonia latex Fluid Arches
Morrisonia mucens Gray Woodgrain
Mycterophora inexplicata Pale-edged Snout Moth
Mycterophora longipalpata Long-palped Mycterophora Moth
Mylon lassia Bold Mylon
Mylon pelopidas Pale Mylon / Dingy Mylon
Myscelia aracynthia Hispaniolan Bluewing
Myscelia cyananthe Blackened Bluewing
Myscelia cyaniris Whitened Bluewing
Myscelia ethusa Mexican Bluewing
Mythimna unipuncta Armyworm Moth
Nadata gibbosa White-dotted Prominent
Napaea umbra Quilted Metalmark
Nastra julia Julia's Skipper
Nastra lherminier Swarthy Skipper
Nastra neamathla Neamathla Skipper
Natada nasoni Nason's Slug Moth
Nathalis iole Dainty Sulphur
Neargyractis slossonalis Dimorphic Leafcutter Moth
Nedra ramosula Gray Half-Spot
Nelphe carolina Florida Eucereon
Nemapogon granella European Grain Moth
Nematocampa baggettaria Baggett's Spanworm Moth
Nematocampa limbata Filament Bearer
Nematocampa resistaria Horned Spanworm Moth
Nemoria bifilata White-barred Emerald
Nemoria bistriaria Red-fringed Emerald
Nemoria lixaria Red-bordered Emerald
Nemoria mimosaria White-fringed Emerald
Nemoria rubrifrontaria Red-fronted Emerald
Nemoria unitaria Single-lined Emerald
Neoalcis californiaria Brown-lined Looper Moth
Neococytius cluentius Cluentius sphinx
Neogalea sunia Lantana Stick Moth
Neoligia exhausta Exhausted Brocade
Neominois ridingsii Ridings' Satyr
Neominois wyomingo Wyoming Satyr
Neomusotima conspurcatalis Lygodium Defoliator
Neonympha areolatus Georgia Satyr
Neonympha helicta Helicta Satyr
Neonympha mitchellii Mitchell's Satyr
Neophasia menapia Pine White
Neophasia terlooii Chiricahua White
Neoprocris floridana Laurelcherry Smoky Moth
Neotelphusa sequax Crepuscular Rock-rose Moth
Neoxeniades luda Luda Skipper
Nephelodes minians Bronzed Cutworm Moth
Nepytia canosaria False Hemlock Looper Moth
Nepytia pellucidaria Boreal Pine Looper
Nepytia phantasmaria Phantom Hemlock Looper
Nepytia semiclusaria Southern Neptyia
Nerice bidentata Double-toothed Prominent
Neumoegenia poetica Poetry Moth
Nica flavilla Little Banner
Niconiades nikko Nikko Skipper
Niditinea fuscella Poultry House Moth
Nigetia formosalis Thin-winged Owlet
Nisoniades rubescens Purplish-black Skipper
Noctua comes Lesser Yellow Underwing Moth
Noctua pronuba European Yellow Underwing
Noctuana lactifera Cryptic Skipper
Noctuana stator Red-studded Skipper
Nola cilicoides Blurry-patched Nola
Nola minna Caonothus Nola Moth
Nola pustulata Sharp-blotched Nola
Nola triquetrana Three-spotted Nola Moth
Nomophila nearctica Lucerne Moth
Norape ovina White Flannel Moth
NotAmblyscirtes simius Simius Roadside-Skipper
Notarctia proxima Mexican Tiger Moth
Notocelia rosaecolana Doubleday's Notocelia Moth
Notodonta torva Northern Finned Prominent Moth
Nyctelius nyctelius Violet-banded Skipper
Nycteola frigidana Frigid Owlet Moth
Nymphalis antiopa Mourning Cloak
Nymphalis californica California Tortoiseshell
Nymphalis vaualbum Compton Tortoiseshell
Nymphidium ascolia Creamy Metalmark
Nymphula ekthlipsis Nymphula Moth
Oarisma edwardsii Edwards' Skipperling