Details for Sighting Record 419468

Date of Observation: January 01, 1970
Date Notes: Date was altered: Sighting month unspecified. Original month ? switched to 1. Sighting day unspecified. Original day ? switched to 1.
Submitted By: legacy.reporter (Richard B. Dominick Moth and Butterfly Collection)
Data Source: Richard B. Dominick Moth and Butterfly Collection
Species: Catocala epione Epione Underwing
Specimen Type: Specimen
Observation Notes: Collected by Richard B. Dominick during 1965-1975. Though the plantation spanned two counties, the insects were mainly collected at his home, which was in the Charleston County portion of the Wedge Plantation.
Status: Unknown
Verified By: legacy.verifier (Dr. F. Lance Wallace of The Citadel, Charleston SC)
Record Verified Date: December 12, 2007
Charleston County, South Carolina, United States