Details for Sighting Record 1086996

Date of Observation: July 01, 2016
Submitted By: Pauline Donaldson
Species: Nymphalis vaualbum Compton Tortoiseshell
Specimen Type: Photograph
Observation Notes: This photo was sent in to me via the MVFN nature notebook by a member from Sheridan Rapids, Ontario. If it is a Hayhurst Scallop then it would be in a very rare location and sighting from what I can see, although I am not knowledgeable about butterflies. If it is this species I will provide name and exact location if you need.
Status: Resident
Verified By: rosslayberry
Record Verified Date: July 01, 2016
Review Notes: The Compton Tortoiseshell is not super-rare, but it is a spectacular uncommon butterfly, so any record of it is interesting. I would very much like to have the name of the observer, and the exact location, if possible. Please contact me at Thanks Note added July 9: We appear to be having a really great year for this species, with more records than ever before. Please, contact me with the additional requested information. Thanks, Ross Layberry
Ontario, Canada