Details for Sighting Record 1057980

Date of Observation: July 17, 2015
Date Notes: July 17-29, 20015
Submitted By: Arkynut
Species: Seirarctia echo Echo Moth
Specimen Type: Photograph
Observation Notes: I found this guy eating the leaves of my Hibiscus plant next to a headstone at a cemetery in Crescent City Florida, so I captured him, placed him in a insect observation tank and now he's cocooning himself under a leaf. I fed him the same leaves from the plant I found him on, then the past couple days he quit feeding and found him cocooning himself yesterday under a leaf. I don't know if this is a butterfly or a moth. I've searched online but cannot find anything similiar to this catapillar. Thanks if you can ID this guy or gal.
Status: Resident
Verified By: curtis.lehman
Record Verified Date: July 29, 2015
Putnam County, Florida, United States