Contributors to the NPWRC Dataset

In 1995, a team of scientists at the USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (NPWRC) conceived and developed two sites: Butterflies of the U.S. and Moths of the U.S. These separate sites were inspired by paper atlases created by Paul Opler, Harry Pavulaan, Ray Stanford, and their many cooperators. (More history of the NPWRC projects.) Contributors to the NPWRC sites laid the groundwork for BAMONA.

Contributors of Butterfly and/or Moth Photographs
Hundreds of individuals provided photographs to the NPWRC datasets and many hours were spent formatting and standardizing them.

Contributors to Butterflies of the Eastern United States (Paul A. Opler)
The author surveyed museum collections at the National Museum of Natural History (Washington, D.C.); Frost Museum, Pennsylvania State University; and the E. O. Essig Museum, University of California at Berkeley. Other state institutional collections were surveyed by contributors. It is these contributors who should receive most of the credit for the many days afield and the many hours spent compiling records. The names of the many collectors or naturalists who provided data to state compilers or for recently published state treatments are not all included, but their contributions were crucial. Dr. John M. Burns (USNM), Dr. K. C. Kim (Frost Museum), and Dr. J. A. Powell (Essig Museum) kindly allowed the author to examine collections under their care. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provided logistic support.

Contributors to Butterflies of Western USA and Northern Mexico (Ray Stanford and Paul A. Opler)
The authors received data from over 320 individuals, reviewed over 300 books and scientific papers, and examined material in nearly every public and private collection in western North America and a few major Eastern ones (see next paragraph). The following list includes only those who contributed over 10 data points, and major publication authors. First, the authors wish to thank family members who have provided support in many ways in addition to specific records: Katharine, Sandra (deceased), Nora, Tim, Chris, Linda, Scott, Laura, Dwight, Maxine (deceased), Dorris (deceased), Gail, Margot, Bill, Winifred, and a few faithful dogs who mainly got in the way. And unnamed friends, students, birders, 4-H members ad infinitum. All contributors deserve thanks, but especially the following observers, collectors, curators, and authors, some of whom are no longer living.

Contributors of Moth Data to the NPWRC Dataset
The maps and images of North American moths that made up the NPWRC dataset were the result of information contributed by hundreds of individuals, particularly scientists and amateur lepidopterists who made available data from their institutional or personal collections, or coordinators of state or regional databases. This amounts to at least hundreds or thousands of hours of effort expended by each person whose name is mentioned. In the case of state or regional coordinators, each person listed may represent tens or hundreds of other persons who contributed data. The names are listed for each of the projects that made up the overall database on the NPWRC website.