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Friday, May 18, 2012 - 17:17

Dr. Matt Medeiros is a teacher at the Urban School of San Francisco where he helps students understand everything from chemistry to genetics. Along with his teaching duties, he maintains an active research program, largely involved with discovering rare and imperiled moth species from the uninhabited Hawaiian island of Kahoolawe. Kahoolawe was used as a target range by the US military from 1942 until 1990, but remarkably, there are some surviving species found only on this island and nowhere else on earth. Dr. Medeiros searches for these surviving moth species, learns more about their life histories, and provides this information to land managers in Hawaii.

As a high school teacher, Dr. Medeiros isn't eligible for most research grants, so he has been funding his studies out-of-pocket. However, he has recently started a campaign to support his next field trip, and we're hoping you can make a donation to help cover the costs. Please check out his project page for a movie, list of rewards, and much more information about his project: http://rkthb.co/7372.

In return for helping Dr. Medeiros discover new moth species, you can receive a number of cool rewards like moth-related art or even a tour of his lab! His campaign ends on May 31. Every little bit helps!

For additional information, see Dr. Medeiros' research webpage at: http://www.mattjmedeiros.com/.

Thursday, May 21, 2009 - 16:19

A new Honolulu County (Kailua) Hawaii record of the Black Witch Moth (Ascalapha odorata) was added to the database from Carl Peters.

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