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BAMONA statistics

As of today, the database contains:
245,320 records
4,273 species
2,203 images

Species account updated

The species account for Conchylodes ovulalis was updated.

Red-fronted Emerald updated

Red-fronted Emerald (Nemoria rubrifrontaria) species account updated.

New moth

The Red-bordered Emerald (Nemoria lixaria) has been added to the database, along with one record from Kentucky. (KY-17Mar09)

New moth photographs

Four new moth photographs were added to the database:
Dowdy Pinion (Lithophane unimoda)
Iris Borer Moth (Macronoctua onusta)
Bethune's Pinon (Lithophane bethunei)
Spiny Looper (Phigalia titea)

New records for Missouri

Twenty-nine Missouri butterfly and moth records were added to the database. (MO-18March09)

New records for Kentucky

Twenty-two new Kentucky moth records were added to the database. (KY-17March09)

Subfamilies reassigned

Nemoria bistriaria and Nemoria mimosaria were moved from the subfamily Ennominae to Geometrinae.

New records for Indiana

129 new Indiana butterfly records were added from Howell Curtis.

Bethune's Pinion updated

The Bethune's Pinion (Lithophane bethunei) species account was updated.

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