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Sharp-angled Carpet updated

The Sharp-angled Carpet (Euphyia unangulata) was once thought to be a holarctic species and this scientific name was applied to the North American and European moths. Now, the North American moth is considered a separate species: Euphyia intermediata. So, all Euyphyia unangulata records were moved to E. intermediata and E. unangulata was removed from the database.

New moth species

The Lydia Tiger Moth (Phoenicoprocta lydia) was added to the database along with one Texas record.

New butterfly records for New Hampshire

Five New Hampshire butterfly records were added to the database. (NH-15Mar09)

New butterfly records for Virginia

Four Virginia butterfly records were added to the database. (VA-15Mar09)

New Hoary Comma record

A record of the Hoary Comma (Polygonia gracilis) was added for Cloud County, Kansas. (Carol Adams)

New records for Arizona

1057 records of Arizona butterflies and moths were added to the database from the Lepidopterists' Society Season Summary database.

New moth subfamilies

Three new moth subfamilies were added to the database: Bagisarinae (Noctuidae), Cybalomiinae (Crambidae), Odontiinae (Pyralidae). (AZ-LepSoc dataset)

New moth families

Two new moth families were added to the database: Carposinidae and Dalceridae. (AZ LepSoc dataset)

New Texan Crescent photographs

Two new photographs of the Texan Crescent (Anthanassa texana) were added to the database.

New records for Alabama

Four new Alabama butterfly records were added. (AL-February09)

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