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Records for Limenitis arthemis updated

Records of Limenitis arthemis were updated for Tennessee to reflect additions to L. arthemis astyanax.

215 Tennessee butterfly records

Two hundred and fifteen Tennessee butterfly records were added to the database from contributors Allan J. Trently, Bart Jones, Betty Stephens, David Hollie, David J. Trently, Audrey Hoff, Mike Nelson, David Spicer, DJ Stanley, Don Holt, Douglas A. Downs, Douglas Bruce, Harold Howell, Jean Obrist, Julius Basham, K. Dean Edwards, Ken Childs, Kris Castro, Kris Light, Melinda Fawver, Nita Jackson, Richard Connors, Rikki Hall, Rita Venable, Scott G. Somershoe, Stephen J. Stedman, Judy C. Fuson, Carol D. Williams, Stephen Johnson, Steve McGaffin, Tom Howe, Tom Kienzle, and Tommie Rogers. (TN-25June2010)

New West Virginia records

Fifty-eight West Virginia butterfly and moth records were added to the database from submitters Andrew Reuter, Curt Lehman, Harry Goodwin, James K. Adams, Jason Weintraub, and Robert Ash. (WV-May2010)

531 new PA moth records

Five hundred and thirty-one Pennsylvania moth records were added to the database from: Ann C. Pettigrew, Bernie Picklo, Bob Machesney, Bob Moul, Chuck Tague, Clarissa Lehman, Corey Husic, Curt Lehman, Jae Nanthranoha, James K. Adams, Jeffrey T. Frey, Jo Ann Poe-McGavin, Joe Pusateri, John Wheatley, Karl Gardner, Ken Lebo, Leonard Hess, Marcy Cunkelman, Monica Miller, Moses Martin, Rick Gillmore, Samuel R. Smith, Shane T. Cross, Stephen Menasian, Stephen Kloiber, Steven Johnson, Tom Raub, Wade Clark, and William F. Boscoe. (PA-Feb-May2010)

Fifteen new moth species

Fifteen new moth species were added to the database: Acleris cornana, Acleris hastiana, Lithophane disposita, Acleris cervinana, Gretchena deludana, Argyrotaenia pinatubana, Rhyacionia rigidana, Petrova wenzeli, Pseudexentera costomaculana, Phaneta umbrastriana, Acronicta noctivaga, Caripeta angustiorata, Hydrelia lucata, Proteoteras crescentana, Henricus contrastanus.

Brown-lined Owlet Moth scientific name corrected

The scientific name of the Brown-lined Owlet moth was corrected from Macrochilo lithophora to Macrochilo litophora.

New Luna Moth record in North Carolina

A Forsyth County, North Carolina record of the Luna moth (Actias luna) was added to the database from submitter Cailyn Pendry.

342 new California butterfly records

Three hundred and forty-two California butterfly records were added to the database. (CA-6Jan10)

New Idaho record of Hydaspe Fritillary

A new record of the Hydaspe Fritillary (Speyeria hydaspe) in Shoshone County, Idaho was added to the database from submitter Gerry Queener. (ID-19Jan10)

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